Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quick ADF Faces af:table / af:column tip: case insentive QBE


Alright, so today I was playing with the out of the box af:table QBE feature, and I noticed that the inputText filters displayed at the top of the table header were case sensitive. I was intrigued and started to debug some internal classes only to be snapped by my fellow colleagues from the ADF Faces team that this is actually a built-in feature of the af:column tag:

   1: <af:column sortProperty="FirstName" filterable="true"

   2:            sortable="true"

   3:            headerText="#{bindings.Employees.hints.FirstName.label}"

   4:            id="resId1c2" width="300"

   5:            filterFeatures="caseInsensitive">

This is correctly documented in the af:column tag documentation.

So, lesson learned: read the fraking doc before annoying your developer friends! >_<